How do I work with my clients?

tompicSir Tom Lucas is a scientist and specialist energy healer who also works with doctors. For 25 years he has been exploring the fascinating correspondences between the theories of subatomic physics, the human energy field, and the mystical observations of the ancient Egyptian and Eastern traditions.

Sir Tom sees the human body, mind and spirit, as a multidimensional web in which everything is in communication with everything else; in which illness arises when the threads of the web are weakened or broken.

His special healing practice, workshops and teachings all encompass established spiritual energy, distant, and therapeutic touch healing systems, eg, Quantum Touch and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – as well as the established Eastern healing systems of Qigong, pranic and theta meditation, Reiki, and the ancient Chinese I Ching (Book of Changes).

The results of Sir Tom’s work show that everyone can be helped to strengthen their own innate self healing power.